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What is Angur?

Angur is the fruit of an experimental research by Angur Research Team(1), which brings XML files to tree node graphs. Using Angur, a user can visualize the hirarchy of an XML file into tree graphs and interact, modify and save the data without any XML knowledge. Angur also lets users create XML files from scratch in a completely visual and guided environment. Using Angur, users can also convert their XML files into the industry standard GraphML format to be visualized in sophisticated graph visualization softwares and libraries such as yFiles.

1: Angur Research Team: Dr. Khalil Ibrahim Shihab, Doreen Sim, Amir Mohammad shahi

Angur is part of a research project, sponsored by Swinburne University of Technology (Sarawak Campus)


1. Angur: A Visualization System for XML Documents, Proceedings of the 9th WSEAS International Conference on TELECOMMUNICATIONS and INFORMATICS


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